Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Separation Anxiety

Posted by Stephanie & Tyler at 4:11 AM
Sure there are many times when parenting can be very difficult. I'm
sure there'll be many more times that it is much more difficult than it is now
but I will say that at times right now it can get pretty difficult on Tyler and I. Now Skye is going through a bit of separation anxiety so it's pretty much
impossible to do anything that doesn't involve holding her or sitting
on the ground right next to her. It's definately not acceptable to her for you to be standing 2 feet away from her. You must be sitting down so she can just rest her hand on your leg or crawl into your lap at a whim. They say that she is just learning that she is a person separate from Tyler and I. I can see how that can get pretty scary at times. For example the other night Skye woke up at 2 AM for no reason other than to scream her head off. It was just silence on the monitor
and then all of a sudden she's screaming bloody murder. She
wasn't hungry and didn't have a dirty diaper. Also, for months now she has gotten really great at sleeping through the night so this was highly abnormal. I think she just got scared. I think she woke up and it was really dark and she couldn't see and wanted Tyler and I but we weren't there so she just freaked out! It's hard on Skye and really hard on Tyler and I.

On another note: The other night I wasn't feeling very good so Tyler fed Skye and put her to bed without my help and for some reason it is really hard for me to completely extricate myself from the process without feeling guilty about it. Now Tyler is as much of an awesome parent as there
ever was and he really does as much as any father I've ever known
and he's good at it. He puts Skye in bed all the time when I'm at work so
I don't know why it was a big deal I guess I feel guilty you about
going to work and so I feel like when I'm at home I should do
everything for Skye because I'm not when I'm at work but it was hard
for me, even though I was not feeling good, to rest. Tyler says that it hurts his feelings when i think things like that because it debases his efforts. Its not that I feel like Tyler cant do it or wont do it well but its more an inner drive that makes me feel like i need to pick up the slack i create by working. Im sure a lot of working mothers feel similarly as we have to be the BEST mother, the BEST employee, the BEST wife, and the BEST daughter, sister, friend. Please let me know if you have ever felt the same? I am going to be trying to concentrate less about what i "should be" doing and just enjoy Skye. If anyone has figured out how to do this please let me know. :)
On the plus side: Skye is more loving lately. She is exploring everything and is laughing ALL THE TIME! The other day we discovered that she loves to ride on my shoulders. Below is a recent pic of Skye eating dinner. This is typically what she looks like when all is said and done. Bath time!! :)


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