Friday, May 14, 2010

Very Random things I love about Skye

Posted by Stephanie & Tyler at 5:29 PM
When Skye was first born i was really scared that she didn't know who i was or remember me when i got done with a week of work. I don't know if this is a common feeling of mothers or if it was just a play of my own insecurities. Either way that is thankfully long gone! Even though she doesn't speak yet she has learned how to say i love you with her eyes. If i just walk into sight she gets a big grin on her face showing off her tooth. She will crawl over to me and pull up on my legs just to be held. She loves to bury her head into my shoulder when she is tired. She NEVER smiles bigger than when she sees me. Now Skye's a daddy's girl but boy oh boy does she love her momma! I guess its just cause she can since the protection i offer her...the way Tyler and I provide her with almost everything she needs or wants. I'm sure a lot of the way she behaves now is due to her age and development and having a bit of "stranger danger" but i just hope she always loves her momma this much!

Some more things that Skye LOVES: reading her books, hanging upside down, being tickled (she's ticklish under her arms, her neck, and her feet), raspberries on her belly and baths. The picture below is of her as she hears the water running for her nightly bath.

Skye also loves to eat. Her favorites are bananas, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and peas. We are starting to give her bits of solid food to try. She loves these things called baby mummum and she can grab em and they just dissolve in her mouth. She likes cut up banana and raspberries. She also eats the puffs and yogurt bites. Speaking of eating it has been easier for Skye since she cut that first tooth and EVEN easier now that she is cutting a second. Its on the bottom, right next to her first one! She's just the best!

I know this posting is a little random but these are some of the things that i love about Skye that i want to remember in a few short years!


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