Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What a day!!

Posted by Stephanie & Tyler at 8:57 PM
Being a mom is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs i have or ever will have! Below is a typical day when im off of my job as an RN and on duty as "Momma"

7am wake up call!!! Goodmorning angel! I change your diaper and play in the mirror for a moment
7:15 we sit down on the couch and you drink your bottle while I try to steal sips of my coffee (sooo sleepy)
7:30 we get down on the floor and play with your toys while i finish my coffee. You love your little plastic house.
8:30 you eat breakfast, usually cereal fruit and yogurt
8:45 you sit on the floor with me and play. I try to sneak away to put in some laundry or do dishes. Ususally it is really hard to do anything while you are awake because you are going through separation anxiety and refuse to let me get any chores done :)
10:00 start the naptime routine and put you down for your nap
10:15 my chores go into over time : laundry, dishes, changing sheets, cleaning cat box, water plants, pick up bedroom, make bed
11:50 I finally have a second (usually because im absolutely starving) to sit down and eat
1200 after 5 bites of my breakfast/lunch i hear you cry on the monitor
12:30 time for lunch for you, usually you eat some veggies only and then a bottle afterward
1:00 we play for another hour - while i try to finish my chores
2:00 time for your second nap of the day
2:15 take a shower and FINALLY finish all the chores i have
3:00 it is usually a shorter nap so I hear you crying on the monitor
3:30 after chnaging your diaper, your clothes and packing your bag we run out to get some chores done...usually whole foods!
5:00 get home from our chores and try to put away the groceries and keep you happy at the same time which is NO easy task. At this time of the day you are normally kinda cranky :(
6:00 dinner time for you. You really chow down for dinner: cereal, veggies, yogurt and fruit
6:30 bath time for bonzos! you love your bathtime...often you cant even wait for us to get you in the time and start crawling toward the bathroom naked as a jaybird
7:00 We start your bedtime of my favorite times of the day! You get a massage and i get to hold you like a baby while you finish your bottle its one of the only times of the day when you will sit still :)
7:15 This is when mommy and daddy time starts and we start to cook dinner
8:30 dinner was GREAT! now we sit in bed and watch a little TV before bed
10:00 bedtime -- 9 continuous hours of sleep!! Love It

Below is a picture of me brushing your teeth and us playing "makeup" inside your play area - you absolutely love it when i brush your face with my dry powder brush!


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